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Morris Taylor's Bio

Professional speaker, author, and “magical motivator” Morris Taylor has presented more than 1,300 lectures, seminars and workshops in a variety of educational and corporate environments. He has thrilled audiences all around the world with his high-energy presentations in such diverse locations as Guam, Holland, Brazil, Kenya, Bermuda, and throughout the U.S. Wherever he travels, students and administrators agree, his unique presentation style is a “must-see” for anyone yearning for the motivation to pursue his or her untapped potential!

A graduate of the University of Virginia, Morris’ professional background includes 14 years working at a Fortune 100 company, and the operation of his own speaking and training business. Several of his recorded lectures on the topics of education, spirituality, and community-building are in international distribution, and he is the author of six books including, How to Create a Magical College Life—25 Strategies for Better Grades, Healthier Relationships, and Super Self- Confidence!

Morris is a member of the National Speakers Association and the International Federation of Professional Speakers. These credentials guarantee that you're getting a professional presenter who understands how to engage an audience from the moment he steps “on stage” and keep them riveted until the very end. In his college presentations on self-discovery and unleashing human potential, he blends expert research with real-life case studies, captivating stories, and unbelievable demonstrations of mental mastery, often described as “magical moments.” The result is a message that entertains and educates but, most importantly, inspires students to reexamine their personal and academic potential and move into action!

Morris Taylor