Morris is the Ideal Speaker for Any Campus Event:

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Programs & Presentations

Programs & Presentations

How to Create a Magical College Life

In this keynote presentation, Morris explains (and demonstrates) how the “stories” we’ve created in our minds can either hold us back or push us to extraordinary levels of academic and personal achievement.

How to Triple Your Productivity in 21 Days

Morris provides a host of invaluable tools and techniques to help students get more done in less time and with less stress.

Bring Out the Leader in You

An ideal workshop for student leaders who are in positions in which the ability to influence and persuade their peers is essential. Morris identifies the key skills involved in getting others to follow willingly!

The Power of Goal Setting

Morris explains the importance of goals, shows participants how to set goals that are challenging but achievable, and provides strategies for following through to successful completion.

Diversity—Our Most Valuable Commodity

Ideal for Black History month or diversity conferences. An examination of the roots of prejudice, how it limits human potential for both the victim and the victimizer, and the essential mindset necessary to become a change agent for “unity in diversity.”

“Don’t Put Limits on Me!”

This interactive workshop provides the education and skills needed to communicate and work effectively in a multi-cultural, multi-racial environment.